John and Yvonne's Page

What's the purpose of this? Who on earth is interested in us anyway? I don't know. Just staking a claim to a place in cyberspace I guess, before it's all gone! And what colour is the sky in cyberspace anyhow? (Answer at bottom of page).

I've got some links on another page to web sites on topics that interest me. Such as music, astronomy, fitness training and even philosophy.

I graduated in 1978 from Birmingham University with a degree in Geological Sciences. Here are a few pics of some fellow rock-hound students. These days I'm a Programme Manager with the network infrastructure division of one of the 'big five' IT consultancies (or, is it four - I can never remember!). This followed a brief spell as Technical Director of a West End based Integrated Interactive Agency aka 'a web-shop with clever-bits'.

For three years prior to this I was Programme Manager for Internet product developments at the Holborn-based subsidiary of a publishing multi-national. I came in to this following my involvement in one of the first two Internet start-up companies in the UK, arguably in Europe. (Jan-95)

And so with all this long history - well, as long as you can get - of web development: How come I can only manage a sad website like this? Oh, the joys of management - not having to actually know about what it is you do!

And before all that boring stuff... was the good bit: For something like eight years after college I worked in the offshore oil and gas industry; then spent around six years moving through office-based oil industry roles picking up some computing along the way. Here's a personalised look at the oilfield and some of the places it took me to:
Aberdeen to Zaire

Yvonne and I live in Fitzrovia, a district of London's West End:
Fitzrovia, London W1 (...visit this link for more about Fitzrovia: what to do there, where to eat, location map etc.). We were married in early August 1996, some photos, somewhile after meeting in Jakarta:
Jakarta, Indonesia

Please e-mail us, we'd like to hear from you: E-mail john + yvonne