...continuing from Bandung and entering Central Java we follow the near-Southern Coast main roads over-nighting once (somewhere). Next day visit Borobudur, cross Mount Merapi (in the dark!) and come to rest in Solo (aka Surakarta).

Lost a half-day in Solo due to some mystery malady. Resulted in abandonment of intended crossing over Mount Lawu (the border with East Java) in order make Malang at a reasonable hour. Even so pulled in to the 'old hang' "Toko Oen" at 9pm to meet Mami, the kids, a bowl of Oxtail Soup and several 'big Bintangs' :)

900 kms or 560 mls in three-and-a-bit days, doesn't sound far but taking in to account road conditions and natural terrain ... might roughly equivalent to four times that distance in normal experience! But what an amazing country unfolds along the way...

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